Commercial heating with Kroll - Recycle waste oil into heat. The best commercial heating solution

Kroll heaters start from 20kW and are suited for applications such as workshop, timber drying, spray booths, glass house and water heating - spa, swimming pool and all boiler applications.

KROLL KOZY - manual start

The Kroll patented vaporizing system will burn most kinds of waste oil with no filtering or treatment. The Kroll Kozy comes complete with tank and a blower fan, comfortably heating a floor area of about 350m. Heavy duty, high quality construction ensures a long trouble free life. The Kroll Kozy is not a "high tech" piece of equipment. Start by pouring 300mls of heating oil or diesel into the cast iron pan which sits in the bottom of the heater, light, close lid, and after about 10 minutes the thermostat automatically starts the pump and fan. At the end the day a small amount of ash is left in the pan.

KROLL BURNERS - automatic

The Kroll burner is an atomising type of heater. The problem in the past with atomising heaters that were designed to run on waste oil was that the very fine nozzle (and high pressure) needed to atomise the oil to make it flammable, was easily blocked. The secret is in the patented burner mechanism. By pre-heating and emulsifying the oil, the Kroll burner starts at the push of a button and can be thermostatically controlled to maintain the desired room temperature.