Glass Houses

Glass Housing is becoming more sophisticated as growers try to supply better as more varied produce all year round. One important influence on produce is temperature as low temperatures slow growth. Artificially heating glasshouses can be expensive. Because of the low cost of waste oil users are improving productivity by operating their greenhouses at higher temperatures than they had previously found economical. The heaters economic viability depends on the annual hours of operation, the financial parameters used by the investor and the price of alternative fuels in comparison with waste oil. (see main page)

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Plastic House


Spray Booths/Powder Coating

Kroll Heaters' Kozy and automatic units are widely used in the spray painting and powder coating industries. These units are free standing and are easily ducted into the Spray Booth or Bake oven and may be utilised for heating general work areas as well as your spray areas. The heaters may be fitted with timers such they will come on at a preset time to ensureing that the environment will be comfortable on arrival in the morning and that urgent jobs are already in progression before staff arrive. Time means money! They may also be installed horizontally on the roof of the Spray Booth if so desired.

Spectrum Spraybooth Spray Booth
Shown here, the Kroll set-up at Spectrum Panel and Paint.

Powder Coating
Shown here, the Kroll set-up

Timber Drying

Kroll Heaters are ideally suited to drying tiber. Due to their built in air delivery fan system you may select the smaller Kozy model for applications like 'container' drying or one of the automatic models suited for larger commercial drying.

Water Heating

Kroll Heaters can supply a variety of Boiler systems to suit your requirements. We have the small 20 kW unit that is ideally suited for small swimming pools, spa pool combinations, household water heating, radiators, dairy industry, hydroponics, laundries and many more. If need be, you may use a percentage of this heaters output on heating air. For the larger applications Kroll manufacturers automatic Boiler units ranging in sizes and combinations up to 1.2 MW.

Workshop / Garage

Kroll Heaters' models are all suited to general workshop, ware house and showroom heating. By heating your workshop your staff will not only improve productivity and sales but also you will find that they will have fewer days off sick as you have showed them you care about the conditions they work in. Parts stored in moisture free environments also will not suffer from rust and oxidation. An independent university study proves that burning waste oil in a Kroll Heater is one of the safest and most efficient methods of disposal.